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Toms Shoes - Collection Spring / Summer 2016

  31. 05. 2016      From the fashion world

Toms shoes are among our most popular brands. It's not just because of their incredible convenience, but also the noble idea and the amazing designs. Come and see us with the latest spring / summer collection for 2016 and find out that this is exactly what you lacked in your shoe today .

We are grateful to the Toms brand thanks to the charity day #withoutshoes , but we would like to repeat their amazing idea. Toms shoes are part of the One For On e foundation, which will give children in developing countries shoes that can get a lot farther - for example, in school attendance. Better child's future can also be helped by purchasing these shoes. Take your Toms shoes and give your shoes a gift to the baby who needs them.

Let's just say flat - we do not buy Toms shoes just because of this wonderful act. We make them mainly because of their great design . In particular, this year's Toms Shoes Collection is worth it. And so we look at them a little closer.

In the women's collection , we do not know where to start. The classic "Tomsek" classic cut can be adorned with a gentle and romantic, floral pattern or a monochrome, blue or pink cloth. In the summer you can also use the tropical motif in a dark blue or pink color.

Unusual are also the ladies' pieces that do not have the typical shape and cut of Toms shoes. On your leg you can also wear shoes and clogs . These are also available in a closed-style sandals. But what do we consider to be the most original model? Definitely cork sneakers! The cuddly and imaginative cork from which the sneakers are made has also recessed interesting colors, so you will definitely be different!

women's Toms shoes

shoes on wedge

sneakers Toms

In our men's Toms shoes collection , we can not forget the typical cut in the tropical theme. You can even make it in the ladies' number, so you and your loved half will be matched in detail. However, shoes with small sharks or interesting sneakers are also thoughtful.

Men's Toms

Men's Toms

Even for our little love, Toms does not forget. This collection of children is really what to choose from this year. The most fashionable is the idea of ​​the same boots in children's, junior and ladies numbering with the motif of the American Flag. We think this family can not be ignored. However, glittering models are also beautiful, and you can buy them in the popular coral or menthol color. You can read about Children's shoes of all brands for this year in a different magazine .

baby Toms

baby Toms

Comfortable, light, stylish and with good intentions. Better we could not shake Toms shoes. And what about you? Have you chosen your perfect shoes for the summer? Do not be afraid, you will never go with us next;) You are different with us.

Published by: Differenta Team

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