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Toms - new collection Spring / Summer 2017

  08. 03. 2017      From the fashion world

The Toms brand is considered one of the most inspirational brands of this century. Toms represents the One For One project, which means third-country sales are profitable. And so it can be said that not only for its perfect and unique products, made with love, Toms loved people all over the world.

Love. This is the right word that the Toms fashion tag describes. Products are produced with love and with the best awareness and conscience to help others. Under the Toms brand , most of you are reminiscent of atypical espadrilles and other boots, however, for example, this brand produces glasses and cafes are open all over the world . When selling one pair of shoes, he gets another pair of free ones who need it. For sale of glasses, anyone can undergo eye surgery. And when selling a certain amount of coffee, the company gives the barrels of water to countries that suffer from its deficiency.

In short, Toms is simply a great project, and we have put this brand into our different portfolio long ago. We love Tomsky, Tomsky wearing and because spring is coming, we can tell you the latest news from the Spring / Summer 2017 Toms Shoes Collection.



They are new   undoubtedly more subtle Deconstructed Alpargatas espadrilles , made of soft suede or cloth, are light and relaxed, fit perfectly and have a whole new look. With these pieces you will create a completely natural look. Toms Shoes

The new collection plays fine colors - powder, cream, cream and beige . In short, only shades that bring you a gentle spring atmosphere. In the new collection, there will be no more daring and patterned pieces in the form of iconic Alpargatas.

Toms Shoes

Another novelty is the Toms espadrilles on the platform, so again we return back in time, like the Melissa brand, until the 1990s.


The new season is truly lightweight, proven by the popular Lexie sandals with Indian motifs or the more sophisticated sandals on the platform, made of very light and comfortable material.

Toms Shoes

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