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  21. 11. 2018      Different TV CZ / SK


Christmas time is approaching slowly, so we have prepared some tips for Christmas gifts for 2018.

Christmas is a sign of peace, peace and well-being, but it seems to us that it has not been quite like this for the last few years. People have associated Christmas with stress and not knowing what to buy. That's why there is a new episode of Different TV that will definitely inspire you. Or at least we do. Whenever we do not know, we seek, seek inspiration and always get it.

For those who have known us for a long time we do not have to say what beautiful gifts our eshop offers. For those who may not quite know here we have a small list.

What you can find on Different

  • Mecakes or soft gifts.
    Many of us imagine socks, but watch out! Nowadays, I really want one. Happy Socks, Xpoos or Calvin Klein socks. Vohohou!
  • ECO was not ecological.
    They are gifts that are ecological and environmentally friendly. KeppCup mugs are such a big hit.
  • Hardcore or hard gifts.
    It's not just gifts for guys or do-it-yourselfers. We prefer to think of a harder thing than cotton. It can be different home accessories for the apartment. For example, our friend Buddha.
  • Pamparádní or great fashion pieces.
    These gifts are mainly taken as fashion accessories. With us you will find a lot, but beware! They're going to the dragon.

Well, if there are other species, don't be afraid to write it down. We will be happy to expand our list with more, your knowledge. So what now? After the video do not hesitate a moment and check out our shop. We believe that you will not only inspire us, but also choose Christmas gifts for your surroundings and for you.


Published by: Martin Špeta

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