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Tip outfit for the late summer

  26. 08. 2013      From the fashion world

The summer steamers recede and the late summer begins to report, we bring you a tip that wearing these days with alternating weather. After a period of mini dresses and skirts we will have to pull out our trousers again. For maximum comfort and airiness, we chose Desigual Turko Cinturon with a reduced seven, fancy stripe and floral pattern embroidery. For contrast, a clear choice was made on the long-sleeved T-shirt in blue-red tones with a geometric pattern. With this trick, you can easily climb your sleeves if the sun is just clearing :) This top is beautifully complemented by a simple shoulder bag with the same geometric pattern and the handbag colors are beautifully matching the whole outfit. In the end, there is only a stylish simple Mel ballerina in dark blue with a suede finish and you can go down the streets;)

Tip outfit for the late summer Tip outfit for the late summer.

Published by: Team Different

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