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Tip for spring outfit no.2

  01. 05. 2017      Outfit Tips

The festival season is slowly starting, so we have prepared a tip for outfits not only for the festival but also for casual wear, which is different. In this ouit you will feel great and you will shine on all sides. We chose to combine our favorite and newer brands Calvin Klein, Fornarina, Converse and Doca. Let's take a look at it.

Even if the weather is more than April, we will definitely not let go and we will not be afraid to experiment. This year's fashion trends are imaginative and appeal to comfort and light extravagance. That's why we were not afraid to combine a skirt with tenes and a denim jacket. The whole model was revived by a decent necklace and a practical handbag.

Outfit tip

If you choose a skirt in the waist with a denim jacket, instead of a classic T-shirt, you can choose an imaginative sports bra Calvin Klein that will give the overall outfit a sparkle. You can wear this "top" over a classic bra to make you feel good, and this Doca Necklace is also perfect for this style, which is also subject to current trends.

The basic pieces of the outfit are skirts and a denim jacket from Fornarina . Fornarina is an Italian brand that represents a quality, sporty-elegant fashion with extravagant features. Proof is this asymmetric Fornarina skirt with a higher elastic waist and pockets on the sides. The skirt is shorter in front and lightweight, hides your shortcomings and highlights the advantages. The denim jacket is non-classic, without a collar, made of elastic material. It has a great color that you can match with anything.

As we mentioned at the beginning, a little extravagance will never hurt, so instead of heels we chose the sneakers. Converse's low ankle boots that are never out of fashion make the outfit perfectly suited, are comfortable and danced in them all day and night.

The basic part of each woman is without doubt a handbag. To keep colors, we chose Calvin Klein in black and white. This handbag is extraordinary because it is two-sided, so you can choose which color to choose from. This practical 2v1 you definitely appreciate, believe us.

Outfit tip

Outfit tip

Outfit tip

Outfit tipOutfit tip

Calvin Klein Handbag

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