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Tip for spring outfit no.1

  22. 03. 2017      Outfit Tips

Spring is here, hurry spring. A spring that evokes a good mood and more appetite for life. More appetite for more enjoyment and less work. We like to spend more time outdoors with friends and family. And because we do not have to wear massive jackets, we look forward to dressing up some fresh, trendy outfit. And so we bring you a great tip for a leisure time outfit in a sporting spirit.

Do not be afraid to combine brands and styles because it will really be this year. For this outfit I chose Desigual, Tommy Hilfiger, Crocs and Calvin Klein. You know what these brands are, you are probably just raising your eyebrows right now, but when you introduce the pieces, you will be happy to drop again, because the wild Desigual has softened this year, Tommy Hilfiger did not disappoint, Crocs surprised and Calvin Klein got fine. If we have not persuaded you, read on and let yourself be surprised.


Because we wanted to choose the outfit on the sportswear , we chose Desigual's favorite bomber in blue shades with denim features. Because it carries more shades of blue, you can combine it with different colored jeans. We chose dark blue Desigual jeans with "Second skin", which means "second skin", which means that the jeans are fit, the body adapts and they are amazingly comfortable.

Denim Bomber Desigual

Dark blue jeans Desigual

Tommy Hilfiger

We cut the blue base with Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt in a classic cut that only adorns the iconic brand logo. The T-shirt is made of very high quality and comfortable material and is suitable for all sport outfits that will appeal to you.

White Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt


These Crocs shoes did not even boil on our eshop, but they became our bestseller. Who would have been told that the brand, which once was famous with massive plastic clogs, will ride this year with magnificent slip-on pieces in silver design that adorns tasteful sequins and overall outfit underline.

Silver Crocs shoes

Calvin Klein

The outfit is complemented by a Calvin Klein handbag again in blue, which thanks to its shape and appearance perfectly fine outfit. The cylindrical shape allows you to carry with you all the necessary things, from your mobile phone, wallets, diaries, keys, to a smaller computer or tablet. The handbag can be worn in the hand, on the forearm and thanks to an adjustable, detachable strap and crossbody.

Blue Handbag Calvin Klein

You can watch this outfit on our video too. Let yourself be inspired;)

Published by: Differenta Team

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