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Tip for outfit for Valentine's Day

  10. 02. 2017      Outfit Tips

Valentine's Day is coming, it's been 4 days and we're going to celebrate the holiday of lovers. The day when we want our dear half to enjoy a little more. A day when we do not know what we're up to, so we decided to pick out some outfits that could help you choose.

Tip for outfit for women

Most women shake their heads at what they take on themselves, run around the shops, and at the last minute try to choose the perfect outfit that will surprise their man. And why not do this stress. Dear ladies, such stress is not necessary at all, you can sit comfortably and choose something by yourself with a few clicks . Let's go.

We're sure men on women love dresses and skirts , elegant heel shoes - nothing to do with it. You can choose dresses simple, elegant and romantic. Those that make you feel extraordinary and comfortable. Seamless shoes perfectly fit your heel shoes, which will add not only a few centimeters, but they will definitely give you self-esteem. You do not have to feel anything uncomfortable, with Melissa plastic shoes , your feet will be comfortable, thanks to a softened insole, a comfortable wedge and timeless design . You can add the whole outfit with a stylish writing book and go for a romantic dinner.

Women's red dress Desigual

Melissa Shoes

Desigual black handbag

Tip for a outfit for men

Gentlemen remember that women like their shirts again! Shirts will make you a gentleman in any circumstances. You can add a mens shirt with a sachet or an informal bow tie. But if you do not want to be completely eleganted, do not worry about combining your shirt with jeans and monochrome trousers. You can smash your outfit with Converse's comfortable stitch and do not forget to hang out for a flower. And know that your wife will fall in love again at first glance.

Men's Scotch & Soda Shirt

Men's Scotch & Soda jeans

Converse men's shoes

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