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TikkaakJinak- Original jewelry from old watches - Interview

  17. 02. 2014      From the fashion world

Jewelry is an important element of every outfit. The Tikkaak Jinak brand produces original jewelry from watches. We bring you an interview with their designer Jan Nyerges:

Designérka Jana Nyergesová- TikŤakJinak Designer Jana Nyerges - TikTakJinak

1. How did the brand originate? Where did you get the idea to create jewelry from your watch?

The trademark was created in October 2009 and the name TikkaakJinak itself means "watch differently." This is a Czech brand and therefore has a purely Czech name and perhaps somewhat smiles. However, the brand does not focus only on watches but also on recycling as it offers jewelry not only from old watches but also from any other materials - eg old computer parts, old costume jewelery, broken broken cameras and many other unusable items.

TikkaakJinak-jewel from the parts TikkaakJak - jewelery from the parts

The inspiration for the birth of the brand was the combination of passion with old things and the relationship to creation. The jewels were originally intended for personal use only, for the great interest of my friends, the TikkaakJinak brand was born.

2. How long has the brand been on the market?

The TikTakJinak brand has been on the market for the 6th year and has flooded the virtual world during its lifetime, enriched many customers and customers and has spread to many people across the Czech Republic. In addition to selling products on www.DifferentFashion.cz, he also has several shows on television, radio, print and participation in several exhibitions.

3. For which group of people is TikTakakinak designated?

The original jewelry and accessories of the TikThakJinak brand are designed for all people who are not afraid to be distinguished from others. These people are not allowed to bind with fashion dictates, they are not afraid to break the conventions, they like new ideas and approaches. Jewelry is often distinctive, unusual and original, and is guaranteed to be unbeatable.

TikkaakJinak-jewel of the doll TikkaakJak- jewel brooch doll

4. Specifically what products do you create?

This is a series of classic jewelry for women - earrings, necklaces, rings, brooches, but also for men - cufflinks, bracelets. Another product is a customer-specific order. Other popular jewelery and accessories include gift plaques or antique jewelery. Whether it's any jewelery or fashion accessory, everyone has their own character, story and originality.

5. How long to create 1 jewel?

It depends on the product itself and on the customer's request. When developing new forms of jewelery and new paths as well as bespoke work, the process of making is still a few days or months, when we are looking for the final form of jewelry together with the customer in separate steps so that the customer is completely satisfied. For products for which the procedure is already in place, it is sometimes a matter of several hours, but sometimes several days. It always depends on the complexity, the size of the jewelry and the available material.

6. Is TikkaakJinak good for everyone?

Yes, jewelry and accessories are available for everyone. They are designed in different series so that each customer can choose according to their options. Some series are available from a few hundred crowns, more expensive custom-made pieces ranging from 400-900 crowns and above. In any case, the jewel is always original.

7. Are jewelry made from old watches where you get watches?

A great source of watches and other unusable items are my friends and acquaintances. From the material I get, I use absolutely everything, the glasses of watches, the clocks, the machines, everything I use and return to life again.

TikkaakJinak-jewel from the old clock face A jewel and neck from the old dial

8. If we have an old watch at home for example after a grandmother, can we turn to you and you will make us a modern thing to wear?

Of course, it is a frequent request from my customers and I can say that I like doing this work very much. The old nonfunctional watch is transformed into an original jewel that everyone can wear as part of their modern outfit. The watch and the associated memory of someone close to it does not lie at the bottom of the drawer but it is still with you, it only has a new look and a new story. I recycle old unnecessary things and give them a new purpose and a new place in today's modern world.

TikkaakJinak-earrings from the clock face TikkaakJinak-earrings from the clock face

You can buy TikThakJinak jewelry here: TikTakJinak - original jeans on DifferentFashion.cz

Published by: Team Different

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