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The supermodel she was chasing at school for her appearance

  10. 12. 2014      From the fashion world

Supermodel with a flecked body and face. That's twenty-year-old Chantelle Brown-Young. Almost all her life had raised her attention. Unfortunately not positive. Her surroundings laughed and grinned for her illness.

Chantelle Brown-Young Chantelle Brown-Young

When Chantelle was 4 years old, she had a very uncomfortable illness called vitiligo. This disease is characterized by the loss of skin pigment throughout the body. The dark Chantelle's body began to form white spots that were very visible.

Vitiligo sickness is not contagious in any way, but people around people with this disease always behave in the "I'd rather be careful" style. And with that Chantelle struggled with childhood and youth. Children at school even chuckled it, since it always attracted attention and was an ideal goal.

Chantelle for Desigual Chantelle for Desigual

When Chantelle Brown-Young was 16, a well-known photographer from Toronto spotted her and decided to use her interesting look and try to help her into the world of moeling. They took the first photos that Chantelle only started sharing on their Instagram.

That was enough and the interest of people was really huge. Her profile spread like an avalanche, and when she did not like Chantelle anymore, she must have remembered her.

In 2014, he made the most fundamental breakthrough, making it a real world supermodel. She was part of the American Next Topmodel, where Chantelle invited Tyr Banks herself. This reality show, which is very popular in the US, did not win, but the whole world could notice it.

Chantelle - A model with blobs Chantelle - A model with blobs

For many world brands, this supermodel is exactly the person who can show that there are beautiful people who are wearing something that goes a bit from the imaginary "ideal of beauty".

Chantelle immediately began offering offers from world brands. The most prominent is the DESIGUAL brand, which made Chantelle one of the main faces of its Autumn / Winter collection 14. The spotted part of Desigual was created for her. And we have to admit that the photos with this beautiful woman are really amazing and have the right charge.

Chantelle - A model with blobs Chantelle - A model with blobs

Desigual knew very well that it would at least happen that people would notice it and solve it. And that's the main thing. Desigual and Chantelle Brown-Young are now highly intertwined subjects, and we think they're counting on other collections with Desigual . But let's surprise ...

Chantelle is simply different. And such people will never fit in the crowd. They will always pull the world forward. And that's what it is. Be Different;)

Perfect collection of this supermodel for the Desigual brand Perfect collection of this supermodel for the Desigual brand

Published by: Team Different

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