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The scent of the month of June

  03. 06. 2020      From the fashion world

The month of June , when summer officially begins, brings new fragrances from the Yankee Candle and Woodwick brands . The candles we love, from which our heads blissfully become entangled whenever we smell.

The given scents are always selected to suit the season. Isn't your favorite among them now? Are you looking for a gift for a loved one and you don't know what to do? You will definitely not spoil anything with a candle, fragrant wax or maybe a car scent! Plus, you always buy the scent of the month with a tempting 25% discount, so don't hesitate, it disappears from storage really fast!

The scent of the month of June from the Yankee Candle brand

Yankee Candle prepared Midsummers Night and Coconut Splash for the month of June. So lovers of sweet delicate aromas and strong men's tones will find something to their liking.

Midsummers Night will be reminiscent of a romantic summer night alongside a beloved man. In the intoxicating scent, you will feel the most men's musk, sage, patchouli and mahogany cologne. It is a fresh, sensual and strong scent and is suitable not only for men, but also for women who like these aromas.

Opposite it is a softer Coconut Splash. The beautiful aroma of coconut combined with mango, melon and vanilla will scent every corner of your home with sweets.

The scent of the month of June by WoodWick

The brand, known for its crackling wooden wicks for its candles, also bet on the scent of juicy coconut, Island Coconut , in June .

The second scent of the moon is Seaside Mimosa . The oily aroma of a mixture of citrus and refreshing champagne grapes will take your thoughts to the hot beach by the sea, where you can enjoy a cool cool drink. Just close your eyes, enjoy the scent and a moment of relaxation.

Published by: Katka Kocandrlova

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