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The scent of September

  04. 09. 2020      From the fashion world

Autumn . It is not always the most popular time of the year. It starts after a sunny summer, full of holidays, warm evenings and experiences. It is difficult for him to compete with spring, which beautifully awakens nature and, in fact, us, after the often long winter, which we take at our mercy only because it brings Christmas and snow like from Lada's pictures.

But we should not reject it and be able to enjoy it to the fullest. He can enchant us with romantic evenings, huddled in a blanket, watch a movie and take breathtaking colors outside the window, with which autumn colors nature. Such relaxation should not lack good wine on the table and also a burning candle with the right relaxing and soothing scent. What should it be like? And wouldn't it be nice if the candle cracked, like the wood in the fireplace?

Experience the scents for the month of September and tune in with a pleasant autumn wave with Yankee Candle and WoodWick candles. From now on you will love autumn.

The popular brand Yankee Candle chose Warm Cashmere and Dried Lavender & Oak for the month of September. Warm Cashmere , as the name suggests, is warm, soft and soothing, as is the touch of cashmere. You will want to "drown" in this luxurious aroma of sandalwood and exotic patchouli.

Candles or scented waxes Dried Lavender & Oak smells like a bouquet of just torn lavender. But it also hides a pinch of vanilla, a grain of white pepper and the secret of the Indian herb Davana.

WoodWick candles with a cracking wick will win you over in September with the intoxicating scent of Evening Onyx or the delicate White Tea & Jasmine. In Evening Onyx you will feel a unique combination of jasmine leaf, black orchid and sandalwood, which gets into every corner of your home and will enchant not only you, but also everyone who visits you.

The scent of white tea and jasmine will win your senses. It looks fresh and clean and combines with the scent of red cedar and rose.

Published by: Katka Kocandrlova

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