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The new Desigual sports collection just for us at Different.cz!

  11. 03. 2014      From the fashion world

Welcome to the birth of the new Desigual sport collection for women, which we exclusively bring to you as the first in the Czech Republic. This Desigual sports collection is the biggest surprise this year and is designed for women loving sport and color and play Desigual . With this collection you will be stylish in any sport, and women want it;)

Desigual Sport shoes www.DifferentFashion.cz Desigual Sport shoes www.DifferentFashion.cz

The collection was designed in collaboration with designers and factories of world sports brands such as Nike or Reebok and is of high quality. The mateals that are used in the Desigual Sport collection are the best that current technology in the sports industry offers.

Desigual Sport has played with all the colors and the pieces are both fashionably "traveled" and decent, so all women will find their own. The range of products is wide and whether you choose a jacket, t-shirt, leggings, shorts, boots or a Desigual bag, you will be missed.

Desigual Sneaker Dancer at www.DifferentFashion.cz Desigual Sneaker Dancer at www.Different.cz

Desigual sports boots are soft high quality shoes made of breathable material in original, colorful colors. Desigual created the boots in several main types. They are especially suitable for running, dancing, various types of exercise and indoor activities.

Desigual divided the boots into 4 groups according to the type of sport. Speed ​​Up Shoes are made specifically for running. If you spend the most time in fitness centers, then you will appreciate the shoes named Full Gym. For dancing lovers there are higher ankle shoes called Dancer, and another type is classic walking shoes named One Way, which is also neutral and chosen for all kinds of movement and sport.

Desigual Sport www.DifferentFsahion.cz Desigual Sport www.Different.cz

So choose these unique Desigual sports pieces from the new collection and be different in sports;) ENTER THE DESIGUAL SPORT COLLECTION

Published by: Team Different

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