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The new Desigual sports collection invites you to meet the New Year's Resolutions!

  15. 02. 2017      From the fashion world

So, friends, here is February, and our question is clear: Have you begun to fulfill your New Year's resolutions and start shaping your beautiful bodies for the swim season? No? Do not mind, we understand you have nothing to do with it, but it's over. Our password is: End of Excuses, Fuck Your Ass! The new Desigual sport collection is here.

We are quite clear that you did not have anything to do with yourself, so you did not want to fit into the fit, among the people. Fortunately, we are here and we will pull you a thorn from the heel. Let's take a look at what wearing this exercise this year, what you will excel in, what will overwhelm you and what, on the other hand, will highlight your exemplary figure. 3, 2, 1 ... we go to it .

Sport tops

It is not over a quality and functional sports bra that will not only strengthen, enlarge, but will feel good, comfortable and sexy. For example, this sporty, reinforced top with a transparent brace on the back and design features at the front. The top has a longer cut and fits both under the free T-shirts and for separate wearing leggings and other underpants.

sport top Desigual

Sport shirts, vests

Desigual sports shirts this year were really timeless. Short, long, three-quarter sleeves or straps with deep cuts. The selection is really wide. In most cases, the materials are functional, so you simply do not jerk and do not get tricky sweat cakes on your shirts. However, there are types that have a finer material, but are also suitable for casual wear.

Desigual T-shirt

Sport jackets, sweatshirts

After hard work, you need to dress warmly, the body is hot and more prone to cool. Do you trust us that you do not heat up like a sports sweatshirt or Desigual jacket in the same design as your entire outfit? Do not believe, try!

Sweatshirt Desigual

Sports leggings

On the sports legins, Desigual really did matter. Not only are they stylish but also highly functional. Most of them have ventilation under the knees, or a fancy key pocket and MP3 player. You can choose from several lengths and motifs.

Desigual sports leggings

Sport shorts and skirts

Of course, we must not forget about outdoor sports, especially on hot summer days paying the password, fewer means more and we dress up. For such occasions, there are great sport shorts and / or skirts. The Desigual skirt has been picked up without noticing the shorts on the body, so do not worry about licking your underwear.

Desigual skirt

Sport shoes

Since Desigual works with leading brands of sporting brands, the sport boots are high quality and functional. Desigual features running shoes, a fitness center, dance shoes, and casual shoes.

Desigual sports boots

Sports bags

Top, T-shirt, sweatshirt, leggings, skirt and boots we already have, where to save it all? Still into a sports bag. Desigual is known for making things that are a bit different, so it's no surprise to tell you that even a bag, backpack or bag is perfectly matched to individual sports designs.

Desigual Sports Bag

So what? Have you been packing? No stoppage, go train and be different;)

Published by: Differenta Team

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