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The new Desigual logo is rotated 180 degrees

  06. 08. 2019      From the fashion world

The Desigual brand in Barcelona introduced a lot of news and we were there. The biggest is a brand new logo that is inverted 180 degrees. Thus, Desigual shows that he was always 100% different. And now he confirms it with his logo.

The brand has hired a new marketing manager to become Guillem Gallego. This guy with giant experience, such as Nike, has decided to bring a fresh new breeze to the entire Desigual brand.

For example, Desigual has erased all his Instagram posts, which are watched by nearly 1 million people, and a new era begins.

"Desigual is playfulness and creativity. Desigual means looking at life from a different point of view. More risk and not be afraid to get out of your comfort zone sometimes. And what's more can express it than take our logo and turn it upside down . " said the rebranding of the Gallego logo.

An interesting part of the introduction of the new logo was the handing out of the headphones to all present traders from all over the world, when they all jumped together and danced in front of the brand's headquarters on the beach in Barcelona. "That was a really powerful experience to see dozens of people in dresses and suits who represent Desigual in different countries around the world from Russia to Canada, as they barefoot barefoot in the sand on the beach in front of the headquarters with their headphones." said Milan Polák, owner of Different.cz e-shop.

Desigual feels that he has grown up with his customers. Which is great, but it has been detached from the young target. And most of all, he chose these fundamental changes.
Desigual immediately established a new collaboration with many interesting faces of the fashion world. Or, for example, with the Ecoalf brand, which produces products such as sealed plastic. Also, the brand has expanded its range of accessories as it recognizes that Desigual handbags are one of the most essential items.

SS20 Collection - Desigual

Everyone does not dare to take such a bold step, so we believe that Desigual will win the hearts of many new fans around the world.

Published by: Milan Polák

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