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The most beautiful autumn pieces

  12. 10. 2020      From the fashion world

We are experiencing one of the most colorful autumns ... In recent days, nature has started to play again and has managed to color the whole of our beautiful country. She was able to conjure up a wonderful autumn atmosphere again ... Do you feel that way too? Can you smell the autumn scent, which definitely has something in it?

And whether you like autumn or not, this year we really tried and were inspired by the large range of colors that are around us. We have selected really beautiful autumn pieces for you, with which you will help us brighten up the fashionable streets.

The most essential fashion accessory in the coming days will definitely be a warm jacket or an elegant jacket. That's why you definitely won't make a mistake when you look at Desigual, Ichy and / or Trendyol coats ... It's unbelievable what work the individual brands have put in to achieve truly true autumn colors.

Autumn is known for being rainy, cold ... In addition to the jacket and coats, which we will put off again for a long time, we have prepared an elegant Simpo poncho for you. You

Published by: Martin Špeta

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