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The main role of the kidneys!

  25. 04. 2019      From the fashion world

The 90s symbol announces a comeback on a fashion scene! Handbags, crossbody bags, writing paper, and even backpacks must fill in the background when queen of fashion accessories - kidney comes to the scene!

That it seems incredible to you? Retro that you wanted to keep hidden on the bottom of the cabinet? Do not be fooled, forget about the old kidney, because this piece has to be renovated before its time has come to a fashionable peak.

Buttocks that are interestingly shaped, decorated and minimalist, which you can easily combine with many outfits and will have fun every day.

Wearing around your hips may be your first attack, but it's not the only option. Replace the ribbed belt or crossbody bag if the strap length is sufficient. You can attach it to your waist through your shirt, sweater or coat. Take it too, you can be skewed over your shoulder, it will suddenly be clear that you are going with time, and current trends are not alien to you.

The spell of the kidneys is hidden in its practicality. You just hide all the necessary things like keys, phone or wallet. You do not pull a backpack or do not bother your back with a handbag and your hands remain loose.

It will provide you with a perfect addition to trips, holidays, festivals, and regular day trips such as shopping. The world's celebrities like Rihanna, Anne Hathaway, or Kim Kardashian have already succumbed to kidnapping .

So we believe that you will also succumb. We, the women of Different, are already lost, and we want them all!

Try the stylish Desigual branding cloth with decent embroidery and gold forging. It will be an imaginary icing on your outfit!

But if there is a little bit of a rebellious spirit in you, go for the Desigual kidney with metal studs and more zips. It is made of textile material and its strap is not only adjustable but also detachable so you can carry it in your hand.

We offer sporty elegance from Tommy Hilfiger! A slick textile design with gold details and two smaller pockets - that's simply not a mistake.

Published by: Katka Kocandrlova

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