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The jewel of Desigual among the jewels of Pilsen

  19. 06. 2015      From the fashion world

Just go to the city for the ice cream, look at what's new in the center and somehow catch the bronze. You have super dresses, booties are clapping flaps and your faces are decorated with a small doll that is a sign of satisfaction. Yet something is missing. That you do not know what? In a moment, you'll understand the new bronze sculptures from the work of Lei Vivot in the Sade of Thirty-five.


As you approach the Pilsen Science Library, you will be attracted by the Statue of Women with a Dog. The work is called BUTTERFLY and was created as a wedding gift for the wife of President City TV in Toronto. Lea received a photograph of a dog who was a loyal companion to her wife. But what holds it in hand? Butterfly and the beautiful Desigual Menorca Mini handbag Faces, who set off for a walk that day. The bag is the jewel of this collection and jumps from one sculpture to the other. She is so subdued, but still decent and gorgeous. Just like you think and you'll be in your head that you must have it.

Hop. Jump.


A beauty with a flower on the front of your bag screaming at you: You need me while admiring the sculpture that bears the name THIRST - GRAPES OF PASSION. The sculpture is a functional fountain, and the Bacchus wine goddess pours a glass of wine on it, comforting two lover. Does it attract you to look back?


The powder hips are still the same color. The backs are black and carry two circles of merry colors. How much to fit the statue. But before the man hopes, Menorca jumps to another statue.


This time, it's two kids who are testing whether it will rain. The sculpture is called THE JOY OF RAIN and is a functional fountain with water falling on the faces of farmer children rejoicing from the rainfall. So much for survival. Even our Desigual handbag is not afraid of water. It is made of material that is washable.


The ears of the bag are not only in the hand, but also cover the shoulder strap. It will also be appreciated by women who are full of hands all day long. Like a mum on this beautiful sculpture called GIFT OF LIFE - a sculpture idea was born in a hospital where Lea brought to the world her firstborn son Uriah.


Painted face The flowers with hair in her hair seemed to come from Picasso's paintbrush and so she went to see our purse. It is spacious and great to wear. All master brushes and perhaps a palette would come in with it. He would be happy. The Bench, on which Picasso sits, carries his philosophical message and thoughts permanently inscribed in bronze as a reference to future generations.


Desigual Desire Menorca Mini Faces ended with a UNITY band that was created more than 20 years ago and Lea Vivot expresses her resistance to racism. Our bag really liked the girl in her picture with its elegance, color, asymmetry and, above all, practicality and lightness.

Perhaps your handbag also attracts you and you will come for it to our Pilsen shop. Certainly he would like to look at the sculptures once more before going to Pilsen.

Photos and text: Tereza Zdvihalová

Published by: Team Different

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