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The Italian style will suit you!

  11. 12. 2017      From the fashion world

Bella Italia! On our eshop, apart from the Spanish temperament, Italian charm is also emerging, in ever greater form. We have put some new brands for you, which we brought you from Italy. And because Italian fashion is beautiful, tasteful and original, we believe you will fall in love with it as fast as we do. And because we have a lot of interesting Italian brands, we decided to put them all together and introduce one another in this article.

You are certainly used to Leeds weeks, and maybe the Italian, one of your favorites. Come and enjoy us with the Italian week on the full! And not only a week, but maybe even a year;) The newest and hottest brand on our eshop is the brand name Rinascimento . From this brand, you can choose outfits for both casual wear and ball.


Another is the stylish Fornarina and its trends (not only) shoes that you will fall in love with after the first tire. The brand features different styles, from sporty to elegant. Bikes, wedges or classic ankle or elegant heels. Shoes are extravagant, as well as clothing, which is typical for the Fornarina brand.


Soft and charming Deha in a sporty spirit. This is another stylish brand from Italy. Designers have been inspired by Italian dancers, so Deha is elegant, sporty, extravagant, luxurious, quality, pleasant and most comfortable . Some cuts are really interesting, some decent, yet they can afford to give each one regardless of character or age.


And nice jewelry Ops! Objects that fine-tune the outfit to perfection are the icing on the cake. This Italian brand is a jewelery that you will love to wear for all outfits. It is famous for its original plastic bits and now offers a wide range of different materials. For example, pieces made of galvanized steel in different colors and with Swarovski stones.

Ops! Objects

This was just a tasting, but we also have other Italian brands for your favorite O bag , a plastic handbag with a sense of detail that you can put together according to your fantasize. Italian brands show trends and simply have style . Let's let the Italian breeze into the wardrobes together !

Published by: Differenta Team

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