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The first Czech-Slovak Miss was Veronika Maléřová

  07. 10. 2015      From the fashion world

On Saturday 3rd October, a gala evening was held at the Parkhotel in Pilsen, where James Bond was not in the underwear. There was the announcement of the first Czech-Slovak Miss in the style of James Bond, who became a 23-year-old native of Rožnov pod Radhoštěm - Veronika Maléřová. We were there and we can confirm that it was not a mistake!

Source: Official facebook of Czech-Slovak-MISS-2015

Beauty and the presenter Andre Verešova was dressed by fashion designer Zuzana Lešák Černá , the Victoria's Secret underwear and the trendy "Different" fashion show of Desigual, the winners have won many beautiful and valuable prizes.

Fashion Designer Dress Up Zuzana Lešák Black. Source: Official facebook CS MISS 2015

The final evening of the Czech-Slovak Miss was filled with an imaginative program, the boredom was definitely not in place, and we do not mean only the original free discipline of the finalists. The gala evening decorated not only the beautiful finalists from Bohemia and Slovakia, but also the star jury, Václav Noid Bárta or even James Bond. The final evening was dedicated, among other things, to the charity organization "Good deed", for which the crown was auctioned after the winner was announced, she auctioned a beautiful 105,000 CZK, which was dedicated to training the assistant dog.

Source: Official facebook CS Miss 2015

The beautiful beauty became VERONIKA MALÉŘOVÁ , 2. Czech-Slovak MISS became DOMINIKA GAJDOŠOVÁ , 3. Czech-Slovak MISS is BARBORA FENCLOVÁ from Pilsen. The award of Miss sympathy was won by VERONIKA ROBOTKOVÁ .

Congratulations to the winners;)

Source: Official facebook CS Miss 2015

Andrea Verešová. Zuzana Lešák Dress Black. Source: Official facebook CS Miss 2015

Different show. Source: Official facebook CS Miss 2015

Václav Noid Bárta. Source: Official facebook CS Miss 2015

Source: Official facebook CS Miss 2015

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