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The Dream Shoes Factory or how to make Melissa plastic shoes

  12. 06. 2017      From the fashion world

You all know the shoes of the Brazilian brand Melissa . Melissky we love, we wear Melisska but how they are made, we probably do not imagine we can imagine. And so we have decided to search for such information and pass it on to you in this article. Comfortably sit down and read carefully. Melissa Shoes

Melissa is not just design, fashion and art, but above all people. People stand behind every made shoe. They put their hands on the work-the process that is the basis of all the success of this phenomenal brand. When introducing the Spring / Summer 2018 collection , Melissa decided to introduce these people to the world, while giving us insight into their world of making the most exciting, plastic pieces. The door of your factory has opened a brand in the fashion show not only for the press but also for their entire team, fans and not only that, now you have the opportunity to inspect their production process.

The main ingredients of fragrant Melissa plastic shoes are plastic dyed granules and specific fragrances. The smell is preserved in an expensive bottle, like a perfume. The fragrance of Melissa adds to his shoes because everybody who wears shoes can remember the specific moments and events that he has experienced in his life. Whether it is a situation or a former love.

The production of shoes goes through many phases before they reach our feet. And each piece is made with great care. Behind our shoes are live hands - or better, dreams. Each detail is important to the manufacturer, each piece is manually inspected, under the close supervision of the entire team. And so you know they're Melissa, just her! <3

Published by: Differenta Team

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