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Tasting a new collection of Melissa shoes for the fall and winter of 2017

  29. 05. 2017      From the fashion world

Melissa plastic shoes we love and shoes very often and likes. And since the new Spring / Summer 2017 Melissa Collection we've been wearing that Friday, we've got a little bit of a breeze for you. We've put down a few pieces from the autumn / winter 2017 collection for you, eager. So you can wear them now and you will be the first. Let's imagine them.

Melissa shoes with an open top on the elevated platform Puzzle introduced Spring / Summer collection, autumn collection with this shape continues, in darker tones and thematic colors. These luxurious bronze boots on the platform are unrivaled, but recognize them yourself. Imitation of jute soles in the form of Melflex plastic does not make a mistake. And there's no need to talk about chewing scents.

Melissa shoes

With the new collection, once again, spiky ballerinas are coming, the tips have been in the course for several years, they have stopped waking for a while and are now coming back. Peaks are fine, we love toes. The new Melissa plastic ballerina called Maisie II in black or beige color will make you fall in love. And not just for their luxurious shape, smell and comfort, but just so that you are and that you have them on your feet.

Melissa ballerina

Published by: Differenta Team

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