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Swimming season 2017

  26. 05. 2017      From the fashion world

The seaside season is here. The expected time we have been preparing hard for the whole winter through regular exercise and renunciation. We did it, but there is one more thing we need to fine-tune. Bathing suit. We need a holiday by the door and we just need a new swimsuit, because last year we survived just a few days by the water. Let's see what swimsuits are wearing this year.

Calvin Klein

Among the must-have pieces are clearly women's Calvin Klein swimwear . Calvin Klein suggests timeless swimwear, which you definitely do not postpone after one season. It offers both asymmetrical and classic cuts in both distinctive and universal colors. This year's novelty swimsuits are decorated with a distinctive gum that is totally separate from the whole. They look great on the body.

calvin klein


Original swimsuits are offered by the Diesel brand , color models, tropical elements or denim design represent this timeless collection. Swimsuits have different cuts, perfect for every character, so you have a great choice.

Diesel swimsuit


Excellent designs are also available at the Desigual brand , which features two-sided swimsuits in this year's collection, or so called Desigual 2 in 1 Swimsuit , so you can save more space in the trunk when packing for a holiday.

Desigual swimsuits

Swimming trunks

The gentlemen also choose from two brands - Calvin Klein and Diesel . Men's Calvin Klein swimsuits in universal colors are even suitable as shorts for casual wear. Which can also be said about men's bikini Diesel . Diesel features swimsuits in different lengths and designs.

swimming trunks

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