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Summer travel with style

  07. 06. 2016      From the fashion world

June temperatures, sun and summer thunderstorms report that the period of the craziest plans and endless energy is here. Together with summer, we also have to travel wherever we are, or where we want it to be. Whether it be beaches, mountains or historic towns, one has all the places you want to travel in common. Everywhere we want to be stylish. And because you are different, we know how to advise you;)

Let's start from this practical part. Luggage is definitely needed for travel, so you will definitely enjoy the amazing and colorful travel bag on Desigual wheels. Our action bags for a bigger purchase is over, but you can still buy it. And it's worth it;)

But if your backpack is enough, it's definitely stylish. That's what we have. We have a beautiful novel from the Greek label Doc . Along with stunning metallic handbags, we also have stylish and trendy backpacks. You will love yourself not only because of their beautiful design but also great practicality.

Doc and Melissa And now your legs are! This bag is irresistibly suited to beautiful sandals or ballerina lovers of beloved Melissa shoes . Especially those in the same shade as Doc's backpack. Well, tell yourself, is not that perfection? With such accessories, your outfit will look great in the very center of Rome and the colonnade in any resort.

Airy and practical shorts for summer? If you do not like skirts or dresses, then you definitely get to your suitcase. That's all when they're so beautiful. Stylish, for example, are from the Scotch & Soda Dutch brand, as they are not only gorgeous but also light, airy and beautiful.

Outfit Summer

Then there are only accessories missing from perfection. Do not resist the stylish Doca hat on hot summer days and add your own outfit to the original jewelry of the same brand.

Summer is just starting out and you have no reason not to enjoy it! And although it's sometimes complicated, try turning it off, throwing your head behind and enjoying the moment of hot, free day. Because you can attack anything and anything you can do. It's just your life and only your summer;) So be different!

Published by: Differenta Team

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