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Summer shoes that you no longer want to take off

  14. 06. 2019      From the fashion world

Lééééto. I would like to dance this summer… .In the magical shoes, which will enchant with design and comfort.

Taking new shoes is a favorite activity of perhaps every woman. And now we finally got it. It's season shopping for summer shoes! Flip-flops, slippers and sandals of world-class brands , different styles and hilarious designs, among which every lady, lady, woman finds her favorite.

Flip flops

Footwear that is inseparable from the summer. Monochrome or colorful, decorated or subtle. We love them all and carry them with a smile on our lips.

Slip this year into the Rider Sandals sports flip-flops , 100% recyclable and with their memory insole feel like walking on a cloud.

For casual and casual style advocates , Ipanema flip flops are available in many color combinations. Soft, flexible and playful.

If you are more of a lover of elegance ? Then there are Grendha flip-flops , glowing luxury elements, rhinestones and golden details for you.


The summer shoes still include slide slippers. Those from Calvin Klein can wear women, but also men, or both, to create a perfectly matched pair that has style. Although it may seem like a shoe to the pool rather than everyday wear, don't be fooled. They really look and wear great on weekdays, in the city, on trips and on the beach.

Converse slippers on the platform, which will perfectly complement your urban look, also deserve attention . They are in a combination of leather and rubber soles, and once you have them, a wave of comfort will flood you with their memory insole.

Do you miss a bit of romance and tenderness? Melissa will give it to you with slippers in pastel colors with an eye-catching bow.


The latest trend is this year's chunky sandals (massive, robust), their wearers dazzle comfort with ease of combining with outfits. For example, try Zaxy . They are made of a special plastic material that is soft, pliable and waterproof. So Zaxy sandals will be a faithful and becoming companion to the city, work, meeting and trip or vacation on the beach.

Do you really want to spoil your feet with comfort? Then wrap Crocs sandals ! Insole massage points, lightness and heel-fixing straps are the right nut for comfort at every turn. Everything comes to perfection with just decent designs in soft color combinations.

Although the trends are sometimes fickle, in Tommy Hilfiger 's wedge sandals, you will not twist your leg. On the contrary, you can walk in them surely and proudly. In iconic colors, the signs and wedges are covered with jute, which simply belongs to summer models.

Published by: Katka Kocandrlova

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