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Stylish shoes for small and big pets ...

  25. 05. 2016      From the fashion world

Most women love shoes, buy them in bulk and crack their shoes at the seams. The more the bottles grow, the higher the content of the shoe, because of course we give up with the heavy heart of our "pets", but when the descendants come with age, of course we think about them and their comfort is the most important thing for us. that the shoes for our lovers will be health-friendly, but they will also be subject to the latest fashion trends, so let's imagine some.


Healthy, with an orthopedic footbed, colorful and comfortable, 100% Crocs children's shoes are practical and look great. The Crocs brand features boots for girls, boys, but also for the smallest.


Stylish, untraditional and especially original booties are the Desigual brand . Shoes are comfortable, elegant, sporty, also health-friendly, suitable for every outfit for everyday wear.


Unique, luxurious and especially stylish shoes offer the Melissa brand . Melissa ballerinas will also love your princesses and make a great parade of them. They are collections where you choose from animal motives or even more elegant designs. Is it a cat or a bow? He really has Melissa.

Mel by Melissa

Mel is a younger sister of Melissa, introducing shoes that are more affordable and which are very similar to Melisskam, so your daughters will be adorned with gorgeous and cute booties. Mothers have a great advantage, and their boys' shoes can easily be matched.


The Zaxa brand is our latest innovation, Mel's Melissa's "replacement", and offers atypical boots that have a specially modified inner insole, and the insole is softened so your princess will feel like she's walking around the cloud In addition, they fit well and look even better.


Emu Shoes are made from a special sheep wool from Australia. The boots have an orthopedic shaped insole, and the balls also have a reinforced heel, so there is no trampling. If you prefer your baby to have legs warm to keep up with high quality shoes, definitely choose the EMU tag that thinks even the smallest.


The noble icing on the cake is the Toms brand , which is unique not only for design pieces but also for its great ONE FOR ONE project. Buying these boots you will not only make your baby a beautiful addition but also contribute to the good thing. For every pair of shoes bought, he will get another baby from the developing country. So you can buy shoes not only for your pet, but for your whole family. More about this brand, you can read in our previous article on Toms Shoes .

Have we been inspired by you? This is good because health and beauty goes hand in hand, so enjoy high quality and tasteful shoes not only for your offspring, but also for yourself and where else than on www.different.cz .

Published by: Differenta Team

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