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Storing jewelery or how jewelry decorates your apartment

  19. 09. 2013      From the fashion world

Every woman is sure to know the feeling you need to be happy and not to be scared. The little jewelery trimmings have not killed anyone yet and will often make you more joyful than the expensive winter coat. And so, the beautiful baubles we accumulate and accumulate and we never have enough of them!

Just like our wardrobe, the jewelery is not inflatable. Here are a few tips on how to make jewelery not only clear, but also funny to save. Not at the bottom of the cabinet, but in the interior!

The luxurious golden frame, full of beautiful jewels, is eaten by every woman. If you have a niche in the wall and you are creative enough, store your jewelery right in the wall. You can paint the wooden frame according to the rest of the interior and the live picture is here.

luxury ladies' jewelery Luxury jewelery deserves luxury storage (Source: google.com)

The frame of the image, whether large, small, round or square, is a grateful helper in many interiors. The motive of the image is in this case only your favorite jewelery. Just put some small nails on the back wall of the frame and hang the jewelery on them. Every day your picture may look different and will not distract you.

jewel box An interesting jewelry box that you can make yourself (source: google.com)

Do you have smaller frames? Does not matter! Each frame can be in a different style. Inspire, for example, a photo frame with Mediterranean-style jewelery .

saving jewelery Save your costume jewelery by style (source: google.com)

Do you prefer bare walls and minimalist style? Then it will be better for you to clean your jewelry nicely in the wardrobe. You'll appreciate the practical two-sided organizer on the shoulder strap.

how to save jewelery Practical organizer for jewelery (source: google.com)

The latest and probably the most stylish way to save jewelery is to use a wooden box and wine bottles. It sounds funny, is not it? But the result is original :-)

women's jewelery How to store your jewelry with a bottle of wine (source: google.com)

Published by: Team Different

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