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Stay home, in style

  05. 11. 2020      From the fashion world

"Stay home" the most frequent advice in these days, right? Someone is happy about spending some time with family, someone else feels like being in prison instead. Our team from Differenta wants you to enjoy your time at home and find happiness in little things too.

Have you already seen the awesome Hip blankets? Cover yourselves in style when watching a film or just relaxing. Find also stylish pillows or bed linen with the same design. Be careful! You'll have such cool home accessories that you couldn't leave your house.

Another must have of a relaxed home mood are scented  candles! The cracling wick and intense scent of Woodwick candles brings a perfect atmosphere. 

Do you like to drink coffee or tea when relaxing at home? Make it magic with the awesome Anekke mugs. Their design will take you  into a fairytail. 

Do not forget yourselves! You can stay comfortable and be cool at the same time with stylish  home outfits for workout or free time ;-) 

Can you imagine yourselves at home? We do. Enjoy the little daily things with Differenta.

Home sweet home

Published by: Katka Kocandrlova

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