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Spring is here, TOMS boots are giving away again.

  23. 02. 2016      From the fashion world

Style and originality have long been the only indicator of the fashion world. Some thoughts that are sometimes selfish have finally added a sense of help. The Toms shoe makes long steps to a prettiest world with the help of a wonderful idea where stylish shoes and charity help combine. You too will not resist such shoes;) Come and see us for a new collection of "tomsk".

Toms shoes make the world better

Toms Shoes are part of the charity help we know under the name " One For One ". The name "one by one" means that "business" is really good-natured. Thanks to the pair of Toms shoes sold, several children around the world have their shoes. They can do school attendance and a better life. The world will be a little nicer again . And it will pay off. You will wear your Tommy with an unbeatable feeling that somewhere around the world, a baby with a new pair of shoes walks just thanks to you.

But when we try to forget for a moment that Toms shoes have a noble idea of ​​saving our feet, everyone will be impressed by the fresh design of every couple. Their styles, colors, and motif will attract you, and we believe that some will hit your heart. But let's take a closer look at what kind of shoes the spring and summer collections made this year.

What would be the lady's shoe section if we did not find the heels on the heel . Stylish natural-colored shoes with silver threads inconspicuously stitched with any piece of shoe are on a cork wedge that fits perfectly with the design of the whole. Such shoes will surely throw in the spring days.

Toms shoes on the heel

The ultimate classic is the pair of Slip On- style shoes, in many different variants. The Toms shoe includes a rubber insole for easier and more comfortable handling, making your feet feel like cotton. In the new collection you will find fine, beige colors, but also patterned, denim or, for example, small flower motifs.

Shoes Toms Flowered

The new Toms collection does not even forget the men, so you can be sure that even for the ladies we have interesting pieces in which they will feel great too. Slip On has long been one of the fashion trends of recent seasons, and so should not be missed even in that men's shoe . Divine are, for example, the red ones that emphasize the sense of goodness and style.

men's Toms shoes

Children's pairs of boots are on offer, of course, so you can choose a stylish pair of shoes for your very little love.

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