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Sneakers - A fashion trend that never goes out of fashion

  05. 03. 2018      From the fashion world

A fashion trend that never goes out of fashion? Stylish and comfortable sneakers . We have a great lady report for you. Wear sneakers, all for you! Yes it's right. The suits are good for everything. To jeans, leggings, to skirts and dresses. Take it with some reserve. For costumes you prefer elegant boots, but otherwise fantasy limits do not.

We have prepared for you several brands that offer sneakers that really are worth the sin. It is not a novelty that you can wear sneakers for both trousers and skirts, to t-shirt skirts, so-called tutu, denim or cotton skirts and shorts as well as sports or sporty elegant dresses . And we are going to introduce them now.

Converse Sneakers

What we're gonna talk about. The No.1 tennis shoes have been Converse's sneakers for years . The Converse brand has been on the market for over 100 years and is therefore a legend. And such a legend says that if you do not have at least one conversation in your shoe, you do not know the fashion and fast for them at our eshop. Converse offers both low and ankle sneakers, textile and leather, summer and winter with insulated interior. Thanks to the special design, you can combine them with virtually any leisure time outfit.

Converse leather shoes

Desigual sneakers

We are writing a big fashion "novelty" in quotation marks, because they have been worn before and fashion returns, they are sneakers on the elevated platform , such as Desigual , the platformers add to elegance and originality, they are becoming you can combine them with trousers, skirts and dresses and we can promise you that it will last you even a few seasons. The advantage is that they are optically lengthening the figure, making them ideal for girls and women of lesser stature.

Desigual sneakers

Shoes Tommy Hilfiger

The absolute hit of this season is metallic pieces, and this is true for sneakers as well. Such metallic sneakers , for example, include Tommy Hilfiger in various shapes, colors and designs. You definitely have to choose from. Like Desigual, Tommy Hilfiger's inspiration was inspired by the timeless hit of higher platforms, and so everyone is really looking.

sneakers Tommy Hilfiger

Melissa sneakers

If you love as much as we Brazilian shoe brand Melissa , you can not be surprised that Melissa also produces sneakers, plastic, fragrant, ecological and extremely timeless . In addition, they are becoming, and the beautiful scent of chewing gums simply never, never, but never escapes.

sneakers Melissa

Butterfly Twists

Last but not least, at our eshop, you will find sneakers popular and just-known Butterfly Twists, but only one does not. They are very interesting, imaginative, again becoming and high-quality head . We may not talk about the comfort or the need, it is probably clear to you that they are. Butterfly Twists offer the brand again in a variety of colors and shapes.

Butterfly Twists sneakers

Shoes Toms

The icing on the cake, we can say, are sneakers from the least-known Toms brand. You also know about the amazing One For One project that Toms has been working with. This project is aimed at people in third countries who need help, so for each sold pair of shoes the brand dedicates one pair of shoes to a child that they do not have much in the collection. You understand. The shoes are leather, high quality, handmade, so not only will you wear the first-class and unique pieces, but you will do a good deed. Toms is known for its immortal espadrilles, but the sneakers are also very nice .

sneakers Toms

More inspiration can be found in our Tommy Hilfiger Different TV video on fashion accessories and sneakers.

Published by: Differenta Team

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