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Slipps - Czech-Slovak Mark for You

  19. 10. 2018      From the fashion world

We wear almost everybody, everybody at home has some spare couple to visit. Slippers, slippers, just like those sneakers so that their legs are warm and do not sock on the socks.

They are mostly monochrome, boring, weak with the universal size of children's skis, where you can glide on the floor as you look in the castle chambers.

And what if they were different? In everything?!

Would not it be great to come home after a tough day and jump into slippers that will make you smile on your face? Would not it be more pleasant to offer a slipper that would fit it? It was! And we are for you!

Slippsy slippers

The Slippsy brand comes with not only slippers, of which playfulness literally goes. Both men and women can feel it, warm and delight. They are soft, comfortable and non-slip, so do not worry about turning your apartment into a slippery path.


The Slippsy range also hides original pairing trunks and socks. All in designs that are the same or similar so you can create a creative home outfit for yourself and your dear half.


Published by: Katka Kocandrlova

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