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  12. 07. 2019      From the fashion world

Spring and summer is the perfect time for clogs. We like slippers because it is easy to put on them and even easier to roll away. Have you paused some over "clogs", like this, some may not know what they mean by this. Let's explain it. Another region, different morals, and so even if we all live in one country, we don't always have a 100% understanding. because we are fashion eshop, so we wanted to pause on it.

Crocs clogs

Slippers are, according to most, all shoes that are slipped. Logical. We call them slippers at Different. Well, what clogs this year. Certainly slide slippers , without those you should not exist in the summer. Because not only are they "in" but they are mainly comfortable and fit for everything.

Then slippers can also be placed among the clogs, and Crocs slippers made of special and ultra-light Croslite material , with an orthopedically shaped inner insole, which also has massage points, are clearly included. Typical cloaks can be considered classic punched Crocsky, which a few years ago orbited the world and which still loves and hates the whole society.

In addition, do not step in the slippers / slippers from Calvin Klein or Tommy Hilfiger . You can choose from a variety of colors and designs. You can even tune in with your precious half.

clogs Calvin Klein

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