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Slim your body with optical deception!

  09. 09. 2013      From the fashion world

Almost every woman is dissatisfied with her character, according to the research, yet each of us can look great and with the right fashion chosen at least a little closer to the ideal. Do you want to know how to get dressed best to flatter your character? It can sometimes be a tricky thing, so we'll give you a guide on how to do it.

One of the easiest ways to work with the body is to use optical illusions. The following figure shows how effective it can be:


All lines in the image are the same length, but the one on the right looks the longest. Interesting, is not it? It is enough to finish the lines correctly.

Optical Illusion 1 - Vertical lines


Vertical lines have a slimming effect, whether you place them anywhere. This is why you look slimmer, for example, in a vertically striped shirt or trouser trousers. As you can see in the picture above, the silhouette on the right looks slimmer, although both figures are the same size.


The location of vertical lines is also important. The closer they are to you, the more lenient you will be. Again, we have two figures of the same size, but the one on the right looks thinner.

Optical Misconception 2 - Horizontal Line


It is said that the horizontal lines will extend you, that is true, especially if you place them on the wider part of your body. Dresses on the left side without a horizontal line break appear on the figure narrower than the ones on the right, where they are broken exactly where the character is expanding.


However, you can use horizontal lines to your advantage. If you place them correctly. As you can see in the figures above, the figure to the far left and to the far right seems to be the thinnest one, while the middle, which is divided in the middle, seems to be the thickest. The more you extend the (required) part, the leaner effect you get.

Optical Illusion 3. - Diagonal


Diagonal lines create an incredible effect, just like vertical lines. And no matter where you place it on your body. You can see that on the right side, a slanting effect has been created using oblique lines rather than regular perpendicular lines on the left.

Optical illusions are a very simple and interesting tool in choosing the right clothes . The exuberant motif of clothing and the devastating fashion tricks exist. He just wants to know what's right. After reading this article, however, it is clear that you will not make the mistake;) Be different ...

Published by: Team Different

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