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Slide Slippers - Trendy Shoes for Summer 2019!

  08. 05. 2019      From the fashion world

Ideal shoes for the summer? Definitely slide slippers! Why? Because their shoes are easy, healthy and above all, they are amazingly comfortable! Is it also suitable for dresses or more elegant outfits? Definitely yes! And because the bag has literally ripped with this fashion trend, we have also sent our eshop with it. Choose from different fashion brands, trends, designs and styles. From elegant to sports, orthopedic, plastic or leather pieces. Let's imagine them.

What are they actually slide slippers? They have one common feature. They are characterized by a single, thick tape over the instep. You can choose from us from various designs, as we have already mentioned. Whether you choose a sporty style in a simple design or slide platform slippers, don't step on. We have these fashionable shoes from Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Melissa or Crocs and many others for you.

Slide slippers Calvin Klein

From the fashionable Calvin Klein brand you can choose from several types and from many colors. Do you want comfortable slippers with neoprene inserts or plastic pieces? You have them. For us, you choose and believe that not one piece. The numbering of these slippers varies, so follow the size conversion table for each specific product.

slide slippers Calvin Klein

Slide slippers Tommy Hilfiger

If you are looking for a timeless and sporty design, or elegant metallic wedge slippers, then Tommy Hilfiger is the obvious choice. At our e-shop you will also find men's slippers Tommy Hilfiger, so you can even match your dear half. The fact that these shoes are extremely comfortable and suited to all outfits may not even be mentioned, but when we're at it, that's true.

Slide slippers Tommy Hilfiger

Slide Slippers Melissa

Famous chewing gum scent, flexible material and memory insole. Yes, we are talking about the great Melissa shoes . And because the Melissa brand is not left behind in fashion trends. Features these unique vanilla slide slippers, which are additionally decorated with an elegant ribbon on the tape.

slide slippers Melissa

Slide Slippers Crocs

Stylish wedge slippers decorated with 3D floral and metallic applications. Orthopedically shaped insole, massage points, ultra lightweight Croslite. These are the unique Crocs slippers on the platform. From Crocs you can choose from a wealth of shapes, designs and colors, and the fact is you have a lot to choose from.

Slide Slippers Crocs

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