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Skirt as the basis of a ladies wardrobe

  14. 08. 2013      From the fashion world

Skirts are a sign of femininity and elegance, but we have seen them less and less in the street lately, at the expense of trousers and leggings. Pants give you unshaven legs, orange leather on the back of your thighs and offer a comfortable fit. But is not it a pity? The skirt suits everyone, only they have to wear.

The skirts are eternal and timeless, the properly chosen skirt will be your fashionable helper for years. If you choose the right cut! Whether you have full female shapes, shorter legs, or you are very tall, important selection is good and success is guaranteed.

Victoria Beckham shows trends - left-handed skirt, right-handed skirt Victoria Beckham shows trends - left-handed skirt, right-handed skirt

Ladies skirt and heel shoes are uniquely related to each other. If you do not choose long maxi-shirts, we strongly recommend adding a skirt with boots or tape heels on your heel. High boots suit every woman and optically stretch her leg, which never hurt :-)

If you're smaller, it is appropriate for you miniskirt , length to mid-thigh or just above the knee. You can afford any color combination or patterns, warehouses, or shades. It is only important to keep shorter lengths.

Desigual women's skirt for women of lesser stature Desigual women 's skirt for women of lesser stature

Do you have classical female shapes, with a narrow waist and wider hips? Choose a skirt that will accentuate your female figure. In case of a skirt, take care of the material. Choose a more durable knit with a little elastane that will wash off minor inequalities on the body. Fabric skirts or extravagant asymmetric cuts are also suitable for fuller female shapes.

Heidi Klum, Blake Lively and others (Source: google.com) Heidi Klum, Blake Lively and others (Source: google.com)

For boyish figures, thin with a dull waist, the skirt is the most suitable. The widespread skirt will conjure up the ladies figure guaranteed. Do not be afraid even of balled or balloon skirts.

Desigual skirt for boys Desigual skirt for boys

Ladies, remember - the skirts are the foundation of the women's wardrobe, they have a hint of elegance and sensuality. Whether you're a 90-60-90 figure or not, every skirt can afford us. Now you know how to do it :-)

Published by: Team Different

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