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Crocs Sizes

  18. 04. 2019      From the fashion world

Do you often struggle with choosing the right size of Crocs shoes? If you don´t have the opportunity to try shoes on and you shop on the internet, you will soon find out that choosing the right size of this brand is sometimes difficult, therefore we would like to provide you with an explanation and some advice on how to do it.

Crocs shoes are lebeled with American sizing on the sole and also on the eshop, plus there is a letter in front of the number, which many of you may not understand - M, W, C, J.

And here's the explanation:

M - like Man, size designation of Crocs for men.

W - like Woman, size designation of Crocs for women.

C - like Children, size designation of Crocs for children.

J - like Junior, size designation of Crocs for teenagers and adolescents .

So how to determine which size of Crocs shoe is the right for you? Follow the Crocs conversion chart! You will see which US (US) size is equivalent to yours - European (EU) size. Buy yourself the same size of Crocs shoes you are used to in the European sizing. While choosing the shoes you should take into account the shape of the shoe. For example, the popular clogs and classic models are designed for your foot to have a little more space in the shoe. Therefore, it is important to realize that in various Crocs designs, the same foot size may have a different space in the shoe.

Crocs slippers  

By Crocs flats, which are close-fitting, make sure they don't fall off your feet and also aren´t too tight. It´s necessary to mention that the Crocs shoes are made of patented Croslite that is soft and flexible, but don´t expect that you will be able to stretch the shoes to a full size. Most shoes also have an orthopedically shaped inner insole that usually includes stimulating massage points. Therefore, you should require maximum comfort from such shoes.

ballerinas Crocs

You can still check the correct size by measuring your foot and comparing the insole length that is also shown in the chart. Many people think that the insole is the sole and measure the shoe from the outside. But that´s wrong. The insole is internal, so you have to take into account the space that is intended for your foot. So it is measured about half a centimeter from the inside of the shoe. If you have half the size, for example, 37.5, it is recommended to take the nearest integer, for example, 38


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