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Shoes Mel arrived from Brazil with a new collection of autumn / winter 2014

  23. 09. 2014      From the fashion world

The new collection of autumn / winter 2014 fragrant Mel shoes, which are becoming more and more popular, is here. Thanks to your Melflex special material that adapts to the shape of your foot, you will not want any more.

Mel Dreaming Shoes Mel Dreaming

The first type is these elegant ballerina Mel with a slight tip. At the top there is a bow that adds to the shoe. You can take these ballerinas on any occasion. These MEL shoes are made in black with a gray ribbon, in purple with light-blue pink ribbon and dark blue with beige bow.

Mel Popstar Shoes Mel Popstar

Another type is these original stylish wedge boots. As their name itself, Mel Popstar suggests, you will shine in them as a real star. The shoes have spectacular small punches and are only in this fashionable dark blue color, complete with beige patterns on the wedge. An adorned heart with a Mel sign and ankle around the ankle. The height of the wedge is 9 cm, but thanks to the comfort you do not even notice it.

Mel Look Shoes Mel Look

These attractive ballerina are another type of new collection. These Mel shoes have a round toe that is now highly fashionable and on top is adorned with a cute bow with a heart-shaped logo. The belt around the ankle is then removable. Ballerinas Mel are available in a combination of beige colors with black and light blue with dark blue.

Mel Pop Heart Mel Pop Heart

Like other shoes, Mel comes to a number of popular ballerinas that you already know from previous collections with the application of a distinctive heart at the top. As for color combinations, you can choose either these dark blue with pink and / or gray with yellow.

Mel Pop Mel Pop

The latest type is these luxurious Ballerinas Mel with suede upper finish and textile inner insole. Shoes are decorated with a metallic application of the heart. Available in this elegant brown with golden application, black with silver and beige with gold.

Do you want comfortable and stylish shoes? So get these beautiful Mel shoes from the new collection Autumn / Winter 2014 at: http://www.botymel.com/ and stay different!

Published by: Team Different

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