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Scotch and Soda - Tide of uniqueness and luxury!

  28. 10. 2014      From the fashion world

We have already written about the Scotch and Soda brand. We write again and write. More and more we feel that the Dutch designers have certainly not succeeded in creating this brand, but on the contrary they have stepped firmly on the ground and have built this solid brand firm ground. After all, Jan Werich knew that dresses made a man, and Scotch and Soda knew it too. At first glance, the things of this brand are simple and mostly unobtrusive, but right away at the second glance you find that it was just a misconception and it is a very sophisticated piece. Mainly in terms of cuts and details in the form of stones, beads, studs, planks, but also details in the form of skin and fur. What we're going to talk about is all about the details! If you give any piece of Scotch & Soda beside another, you will surely recognize it.

Scotch and Soda Sweater Scotch and Soda Sweater

The big advantage of this fashion brand is that it is easy to combine and you will have a constant smirk. Other highlights include high quality stuff and convenience.

Scotch and Soda Sweat Top Scotch and Soda Sweat Top

T-shirts are mostly looser cuts and are therefore suited to narrow, slim pants.

Scotch and Soda Rock T-Shirt Scotch and Soda Rock T-Shirt

I have a great selection of Scotch (so we called it in ours in Different :)) and in terms of accessories. You should definitely not be forgotten because all the outfit will always be fine. Interestingly designed tapes, necklaces, scarves, Scotch and Soda handbags , wallets and more. If you do not like chain stores in crowded shopping centers and want to try something that is surely IN :) Relax in the comfort of your home, click on www.Different.cz and simply order these luxurious and unique pieces to your home. And do not forget! Be still different;)

Published by: Team Different

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