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Santoro London - Dolls not only for children

  11. 01. 2017      From the fashion world

Dolls may not be a matter for little girls only ... The Santoro London brand features many collections of favorite Gorjuss dolls that have loved not only little princesses but also teenage girls and adult women who combine love with original fashion accessories with a good dose of cute.

While some of your dolls are frightened by the fact that they have neither a nose nor a mouth, they are still the majority of those who enjoy them and simply can not resist them. They are adorable, savvy and detailed. They have beautiful dresses, scarves, accessories, their own pets or toys.

From individual collections, you can choose a Santoro handbag , which will not only be a practical, but also an indispensable accessory to your outfit. And do not worry, do not act infantile but stylish!

Santoro Oops and Daisy Handbag

The purse must not be Miss Santoro wallet . You can choose this brand with the same or similar design as a handbag.

Santoro London Oops and Daisy Wallet

What more does every woman need every day at hand? Clothes, makeup, make-up! It needs a practical yet stylish cosmetic bag.

Sanotoro cosmetic bag

Are you looking for the keys in your handbag? With the original Santoro keychain you will not be! You can choose smaller or larger, which you can use as a mini wallet for small ones.

Sanotoro keychain

So what? Do you already have your favorite? Your dolls do not smile at you, because you will caress your soul with its originality and cuteness.

Published by: Katka Kocandrlova

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