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Samsung Galay S8 competition, wellness stays and other awards

  14. 06. 2017      From the fashion world

Dear children, we have a little surprise for you. Come play with us and win great prizes. For each Czech order over CZK 1000, we add 1000 points, called RONDONS. These are actually chips you can compete at www.RONDO.cz for great prizes - such as the Samsung Galaxy S8, wellness stays and many other awards.


How does this game work?

You must first register at www.rondo.com .

You will receive the first 500 Rondons for registration. You can compete or buy through www.different.cz . We give you 1000 Rondons for free for every Czech order over 1000 CZK.

To the game itself. You do not have to worry about anything, the game is very simple . Before you enter the first game, a short tutorial will be launched to make you play and you can run again at any time. You can also play Rondons, points, but also small and big prizes. The game takes at least 1 minute.

You put Rondons in each round up to a maximum of 3x, but each deposit is limited to the maximum amount that is the same for each player. At the end of each round, the system selects the winner , to which all Rondons entered into play by other players and / or the win played.

So what? Are you going? There is nothing to wait for and we keep your fingers! ;)

Published by: Differenta Team

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