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Sale and Big Titans Conquest - Converse and Crocs!

  10. 01. 2018      From the fashion world

The sale is here, you've probably noticed! And because we are Different, we have such a challenge for you, we will always pick you two world brands, tell you their benefits, options and features and choose a favorite. Imagine it simply as when you go to see boxing, thai boxing or kickboxing. Every year in Pilsen there is a gala event of the Battle of the Titans where fans of martial arts meet, bet on their favorites or just come to support their friends.

In short, we also have one fight for you, so the discounts are not so boring, because they are everywhere and you have a bit more fun day. So not only can you hit and catch a nice shoe, but you can also comment on this article and choose your winner and perhaps tell us why your chosen brand should win. This time we have chosen the Crocs and Converse brands , are now in great discounts , so let's take a look at their duels.

- very light and amazingly comfortable
- Croslite antibacterial material that eliminates odor
- beautiful designs , because we do not bore you just the famous "clogs"
- The legs can be ventilated through smart holes
- You can also take them in the water or go through the summer rain
- Easy maintenance and washability


- a long tradition since 1908
- Many color combinations and designs
- It fits almost anything (for sports outfit, but also for jacket)
- fabrics for spring and summer , but also insulatedin autumn and winter
- Fatigue does not matter (adds Converses to Smurfs)
- years of proven quality
- a true style for every fashion and style lover

Once you have chosen your winner, make sure you get the discounts:

Published by: Differenta Team

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