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Roxy - Area Manager for Slovakia: The Style of My Heart

  14. 02. 2019      From the fashion world

In the next episode of our series about our favorite fashion pieces and our loved colleagues you will learn something about Roxana. The area manager for the Slovak eshop Differenta.sk. Enjoy yourself.

Roxy- Area Manager for Differenta.sk

  • Who is Roxy?
    "I've been working in Differenta for two years now. I got here, because they were looking for a Slovak living in Bohemia and I am, by coincidence, a Slovak girl studying and living in Bohemia, what a happy coincidence." Is Roxy godlike or bohemian? She is a girl of incredibly creative origin. Not only is she still studying art graphics and media, but she also knows it very well already. She gets injured quite often too, especially while doing sport. She simply does everything head-first. She is also looking forward to the new adventures she will experience after the end of the school year.
  • What does your job position involve? "I translate". From what language I translate, I mostly ... don´t answer and change the subject to the beauty of weather. The answer is from Czech to Slovak, on a professional level, of course.
  • Where can customers see your work results? Besides the translation of the whole eshop, products, posts and all the other things in Czech. I sometimes stand in front of the camera while filming Different TV, whose parts I edit in between school, work and my atypical-typical life in a student´s flat. In most cases I find time for it at night or at the weekend. Each of the Differenta TV episodes you can watch on our YouTube chanel.
  • How does your working space look like? As I´m still a student, I visit my working space just sporadically once or twice a week. My working desk is rather a space, where my colleagues put things like papers, wrapping, mugs, cookies, plates, hand cream and on Tuesdays me.
  • After work fun. What do you do in your free time? Where and how do you relax? When I´m not healing my injuries, I like walks in the nature, hiking, falling off my bike and sometimes from the clouds to the ground... well, rather from the climbing wall to get some time to relax in the hospital and edit some videos. Besides the sport activities I like to dedicate myself to art and creative activities, once I´m studying it. Yes, it´s possible to study art. Yes, at the university! And you can injure yourself even while doing art, whether on purpose to atract the audience or accidentally. But it doesn´t matter. I also avoid activities like cooking, for safety reasons, I mean safety of the people around me.
  • In which clothing style do you feel the best? My clothing style is quite simple, minimalistic, I don´t like combining many colors and too much of wildness, I mean only the visual one. I think I have more than enough art in my life and I don´t need to look like a walking work by Picasso. And as a person, who is one day dirty from charcoal, the other day from colors, the third day is sticky from glue, the fourth dirty from plaster and the fifth one has cut fingers, it is practically impossible to dress like a princess. Still, the princess with hands dirty from colors, with a leg brace and a wrapped hand wouldn´t look very logical.
  • Do you have any other popular brands? It all follows that I don´t wear skirts and heels, as you already know, my everyday best friends are sneakers. My favorites are Converse shoes. Next, simple trousers and minimalistic sweaters, sweatshirts and t-shirts by brands like Scotch & SodaDeha or Tommy Hilfiger.

The style of my heart

Published by: Differenta Team

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