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Rinascimento - a luxury Italian brand on Different.cz

  01. 12. 2017      From the fashion world

Ciao bella, we have a great message for you, and for Different.cz we have put a new brand for you. The Italian brand Rinascimento, which I completely succumbed to, and we believe that you are pleased enough that you will soon succumb to it just as we do! We know that Italians can do it with fashion, so we're getting a lot of Italian brands for you. Last but not least, it was, for example, the extravagant Fornarina brand. Now it's Rinascimento.

Rinascimento in translation means the renegade and pronounces [rinašimentooo] and we can confirm that the name of the style absolutely corresponds. Rinascimento is an elegant, extravagant and sexy fashion that all girls, women and ladies will love. In short, all the ladies, regardless of their age, who like the luxury, quality and stylish fashion created by this brand. Rinascimento is an Italian luxury fashion brand, whose history dates back to 1960. Its founder, Vittorio Tadei, wanted the luxurious Italian design to be put on clothes that will underscore the most beautiful qualities of every real woman.

And what can you imagine? Really beautiful decent but also wild models that are subject to current trends combine materials, playful colors and designs. And what is specific about this brand? It is truly original, because each collection always produces a limited number of pieces to make each lady feel exceptional. Therefore, when you choose, do not hesitate too long. Then it may happen that your dream piece will not be!

The Italian brand is also the fact that it actually produces all the pieces in Italy, not in Asia. The current Rinascimento collection for autumn winter 2017 is full of attractive models. Suggested dresses can be made on various occasions, especially for Christmas parties or for the ball season, you will be able to use now and perfect coats as you met. However, judge yourself ..

women's dress Rinascimento

women's dress Rinascimento

women's coat Rinascimento

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