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Rider Sandals - New plastic shoe love on Different

  17. 05. 2019      From the fashion world

It's time to welcome them to our collection ,, plastic "brand new love. Brazilian fashion brand Rider Sandals . Mark Rider Sandals was established already in 1986, under one of the largest shoe in the world, the company Grendene, and as the name suggests offers Especially sandals, flip flops or slippers.

The current collection for spring and summer 2019 offers both Rider women's shoes and men's and unisex pieces . So, with your precious half, you may need to match the same colors and designs. So-called. matching outfits are just being worn now and it's tasteful and pretty cute, plus you won't have to envy the Rider.

Rider Sandals Shoes

You can use such men's Rider flip flops not only for holidays, fitness or at home, but especially for casual wear in the summer months. The domain of this brand is primarily quality, functionality and, above all, environmental friendliness, they are made entirely of recyclable materials and 99% of the waste they generate is either reused or recycled.

Rider shoes are anti-slip, resistant to normal surfaces, have a specially shaped padded insole, giving you maximum comfort at every step. The brand is ideal for active lifestyle lovers. Although it is not fashionable, it expresses its original style across shoes collections, which you can wear for several seasons.

Rider Sandals Shoes

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