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Purchase of Christmas gifts over the internet. How to do it?

  04. 12. 2013      From the fashion world

You know - Christmas around the corner and there is no time to buy gifts. Are you also accustomed to buying your loved ones from home for a cup of hot coffee or tea? For who would want to interweave between the shelves in thick layers of clothing and a hand full of bags. Additionally, we get the best deals over the internet, where we have plenty of choice. But it also has its own pitfalls. In the following paragraphs, we bring you tips and tips on what to watch and how to get the best gifts online.

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Each shoe brand has its own deviation from the size, so it can be hard to pick a pair that suits you. If you buy shoes over the internet, it's good to measure your foot, so you can avoid any returns. Always measure both legs, the length may vary. If the difference is significant, choose a larger size instead. Every good e-shop then offers a table of sizes , which also shows the foot / foot length in millimeters.

CROCS Equestrian CROCS Equestrian black

desigual shoes Desigual Shoes

Handbag indispensable to female friends

If you want to buy an expensive luxury piece, rather go to the brand boutique and do not buy them online. Who would also like to throw out two paychecks for the imitation. The only exception is the official e-shops of the given brands or the well-established branded portal. It's also important to read the dimensions in the product label, otherwise it may happen that your home comes with a letterbook that does not fit your mobile phone and keys. Especially if you are looking for a cable to fit your laptop, take care of the dimensions and order it larger, because the dimensions are external and are slightly different from the inside. Another important piece of information is material information, or how to take care of it directly.

handbag Michael Kors, source: google.com handbag Michael Kors, source: google.com

kabelka desigual Desigual bowling franela handbag

When collecting presents, you will certainly be able to get practical tips on gifts in special categories where you can be inspired. For example, e-shop Different.cz can be sure that your gift will be guaranteed to be original and you do not have to worry about the size because the selected pieces in the TIP FOR GIFT are universal.

source: google.com source: google.com

Certainly, we also encourage you to read the postage, delivery, delivery and return information. The advantage of course is on-line shops, where they guarantee the mission even on the day you order it.

And how is it on Different.cz:

- postage over 1000CZK is FREE

- Packages are sent on the same business day (if you book until 12:00). The second day is for you (in Slovakia just a day longer)

- Christmas gifts can be changed by January 10th. You can normally return all goods within 14 days without giving any reason. Just add an account number or for what you want to exchange. Please leave the price tag free of charge;)

- If you have any questions during your order, journey to you or deliver ANY PROBLEM, do not hesitate to contact us. We will do everything for your complete satisfaction!

- go to the TIPS section on GIFTS . Maybe something is going to get you there;)

- we are the official dealers of all of our brands. You have 100% confidence of the originality of all pieces and quality service.


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