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Practical wallets Desigual

  24. 10. 2014      From the fashion world

The basis of each handbag is to have a quality and practical wallet. You will buy them in the new Desigual Autumn / Winter 2014 collection. Desigual wallets are made of durable textile materials and offer a variety of imaginative designs. They have several separate storage compartments for maximum comfort and functionality for each owner.

Desigual Mix Flojigsaw wallet Desigual Mix Flojigsaw wallet

These small Desigual wallets are made of textile material and inside of the leatherette. They are fastened to the patent and are divided into 2 parts. Under the first patent, there is a small zipped pocket and 3 compartments for other documents. Under the second patent, the wallet has 6 compartments for cards, 1 for banknotes and 3 compartments for other documents. The wallet has a free pocket on the back.

Desigual Lengueta Seduccio Carry Desigual Lengueta Seduccio Carry

Another type is these practical smaller wallets with a patent lock. Includes 4 card compartments, a few more for other documents and a small zipped pocket with 2 pockets.

Desigual Wallet Lengueta Bolas Rojas Carry Desigual Wallet Lengueta Bolas Rojas Carry

Next, these elegant wallets are of larger dimensions with metal decoration. Inside, it has a particularly removable card slot and larger documents, followed by a zipper pocket for small coins and other storage compartments for cards that have this wallet together 18.

Desigual Ziparound Addition wallet Desigual Ziparound Addition wallet

Another type of Desigual wallet includes 6 card compartments, 4 other documents, removable patent pocket with zippered pocket and 4 card compartments and photo compartments. Inside you will also find a pencil compartment, a small zipped pocket and a zipped outer pocket on the back. The wallet also has a detachable small strap and you can use the wallet as a small handbrush.

Desigual Twolevels Flower Geometri wallet Desigual Twolevels Flower Geometri wallet

Desigual wallets, which can also be worn as a writing paper. These Desigual wallets feature two main pockets with zipper fastening - one for small coins and one for cards, banknotes and documents. The wallet has a detachable strap for use as a writing pad.

Desigual Doublezipp Labios wallet Desigual Doublezipp Labios wallet

Another is this spacious Desigual wallet. It has two zipped pockets - one for small coins and banknotes, the other is full of card compartments including pencil space.

Desigual wallet Maria Estambul Desigual wallet Maria Estambul

The last type is these beautiful spacious wallets with a separate zipped pocket along the perimeter of the wallet to the tiny. The storage area for cards and banknotes is in the pocket with a patent lock. There are 14 card compartments, photo cassettes and banknote pocket and other bin for other documents.

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