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Plastic trends

  23. 04. 2019      From the fashion world

Plastic has been fashionable for a long time, more and more in new forms, Some don't like it, others adore it. Plastic jewelry, shoes, handbags all shout at us from the offerings of many brands and we introduce top Different Pieces that will captivate you and your surroundings.

How to combine them and throw more plastic things together without looking like a walking pet bottle? Yes, it is good, you will be inspired and you will be a star.

An indispensable companion to 7 women? HANDBAG. The icon on the market of plastic handbags is certainly the world famous brand from sunny Italy, O bag . Every woman puts her handbags of many colors and sizes on her own, and that's just a dream come true.

But has your handbag stopped you anymore? Are you unsuitable for back pain or have you simply succumbed to the trends of stylish backpacks? There's a brand of Ju'sto for you ! Small backpacks, which can be worn separately as a clutch, will not only fall for their shape, but also lightness and easy washability.

For example, the Tommy Hilfiger brand has discovered the plastic charm this year and has presented a spacious handbag in a transparent design that does not allow eyes to run.

Combining a handbag with shoes never gets tired, even if it is no longer a fashion rule. But for plastic beauties, don't step on the side. You can wear fragrant Melissa ballerinas , pleasant Ipanema flip flops or Crocs timeless shoes .

And what is it to accomplish to perfection? Yet jewelry that is and will always be the icing of your outfit. Match the color of your plastic handbag and plastic shoes with Ops! Objects and you can go!

Published by: Katka Kocandrlova

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