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Plastic shoes Melissa FW19 or the new collection is here!

  17. 06. 2019      From the fashion world

Slippers, slippers, sandals, heel shoes, wedge shoes or even ballerinas? That's the new collection of Melissa plastic shoes! And more, what's great? That it will be a step ahead this summer, because you are afraid of a new timeless collection of Melissa shoes autumn / winter 2019. Are you just thinking about it now? Of course we will explain this to you. The Melissa brand comes from Brazil, where temperatures not only appear on the mercury thermometer somewhat higher than in our country. While we wear valenki, he wears sandals in Brazil. And what is the new collection? Maybe we won't disappoint you when we say it's YOU-YOU-NOW-US!

Why put Melissky?

Let's repeat several advantages and tweaks of this brand. Fashion brand Melissa presents shoes of all kinds, made of special, plastic material Melflex. The material is flexible, soft, flexible and very durable. Melissa shoes are also impregnated with perfumed essence, which resembles candy, we call it "chewing gum" fragrance , which never, but never never goes out, and scent your shoe.At least, Melissky are comfortable and becoming. a few, so you should get it quickly.

Ballerinas Melissa

That you love Melissa and need new ones? Then you waited, dear ladies, for the right time. The new collection offers several types. Round, pointed with open heel. Simple, decorated, elegant and extravagant but all fragrant. Plus, you can choose from a variety of colors that not only revitalize your outfits, but also light up your days, as everyone will flatter you.

Slippers Melissa

Slippers or clogs? What is more natural for you, but equally comfortable, combines in perfect shoes with a simple design. An absolute hit are slide slippers. We know what to do a little bit out of line and put on stylish slippers to the toe or slippers on the heel ? Why go with the crowd when it's nice to get out of it sometimes, to be different, to be different.

Melissa Sandals

Neither ballerinas nor slippers? So then we have the golden center for you. Sandals. We love the favorite type of Seduction and it's no wonder. Typical massive bow on tip, easy to wear, elegant design, comfort and cuteness in one. These are our beloved Melissa sandals, in different colors. The Fall / Winter 2019 collection represents this type, decorated with a metal ribbon, so it's a little different than the previous ones.

Published by: Differenta Team

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