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Plastic handbags JUSTO

  28. 08. 2018      From the fashion world

Different.cz appeared some kind of disgust. And that's more and more plastic accessories. To explain this to you. In short, the plastic accessories are fun, immortal, practical, stylish and especially timeless, so we will not be surprised to have a new brand for you. Her name is Ju'sto .

The fashion brand Ju'sto is the child of the Italian designer Emanuel Magenta , who has already applied his idea to the famous O bag . He just bet on human creativity and gave life to the imaginative plastic handbags that every girl and woman can make up for herself. Over time, however, cooperation with O bag ended and decided to go his own way, creating a new brand of Ju'sto.

In addition to handbags, bags and backpacks, Ju'sto also offers various fashion accessories such as stylish watches. The main aspect of this young brand is simplicity. Which means that the customer decides on the final form of the handbag! Body, handles, inner bags and accessories choose from a huge variety of colors, designs and shapes.

The bodies are made of special and especially lightweight EVA plastic material , which is easy to maintain. Body shapes are elegant, original and solid. The handles are connected to the bodies by means of screw threads and can be handled by everyone. You can adorn the handbag with a variety of fur coats, pendants and other accessories that you'll like most.

Just like the O bag brand, you'll either love or hate Ju'sto . But it is important to know that wearing it for ages does not matter. Every girl, lady and lady, who loves unclouded, stylish and especially original pieces with a sense of detail and practicality can wear it.




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Published by: Differenta Team

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