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  29. 07. 2019      Different TV CZ / SK



Crocs! A brand that has surprised us for 17 years. Crocs has come a long way. And it wasn't easy at all. Plastic shoes that look like clogs? Who would have said that they would become a real fashion hit. We are therefore excited to bring you the best of Crocs and always be part of this success. Welcome to the new episode Different TV.

Today's episode will focus on LITE RIDE! Hot news that makes Crocs slippers and shoes even more comfortable and stylish. Don't believe? Believe it, because we tried it ourselves. We did a little user testing for ourselves and picked a few chosen from our ranks. Everyone gave 1 *! And that means something. And especially in this period!

We all want to have legs, like in cotton. Especially now, vacation time. In addition to your friends, acquaintances and family , Crocs is the ideal partner for these adventure trips . Why?

Crocs shoes are plastic and their main advantage is that they are water resistant. No rain will stop you anymore. It won't stop you even when you wear Crocs sneakers. You just need to tilt and all the water will be gone. Plus they are sooo comfortable because. Flip flops, slippers, clogs, even sneakers contain massage points to make your leg more enjoyable. And that is an advantage!

We almost forgot. The Crocs brand for this year's seźona comes with models for the little ones - the Crocs for children . So if you want to represent and be harmonized as a whole family, you have the perfect opportunity.

In addition to all this (and that it is), we’ll also introduce a brand new concept for videos that we’re going to focus on more and more . We want you to find out more interesting facts, current information and news from the brand. In a few minutes we will summarize the best and most interesting things you will find on Different. We hope you enjoy the videos and look forward to the next episode in a similar vein.

Be sure to let us know what brands you are interested in and we will shoot another part about it. Write to mail or Facebook. Call and be different. We look forward to you.


Published by: Martin Špeta

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