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Outfit tip no.8

  26. 09. 2017      Outfit Tips

And we have another piece with an outfit tip. This time we focused on leisure activities such as walking, trips, traveling, minigolf, weekend off and other. That's why we chose a very stylish and very comfortable outfit from Deha.

Fashion brand Deha is an Italian brand, which represents pieces perfectly crafted, well-handled, stylish, original, timeless and especially incredibly comfortable. These attributes are a lot, but they are justified. Deha has been inspired by local dancers , so you can imagine really interesting cuts, an unconventional combination of materials and especially pieces that every woman can afford regardless of age and character.

So we chose this stylish Deha sweater in anthracite color and gold, metallic elements. The sweatshirt has a unique, transparent insertion on the back. The cut has a longer back and an atypically shaped collar. Sweatshirts in the same design have been added to the hood. Both are made of high quality material, so this investment really pays off. The whole outfit, we added pieces from the Spanish brand Desigual . For example, a stylish leatherette backpack in black, also with gold, metallic elements.

The southern peoples know how to combine quality, style and comfort, so we were not afraid to match the two brands together and judge the result yourself.

Deha hoodie

Deha pants

black backpack Desigual

Where to go out in this outfit? Get inspired by our video!

Published by: Differenta Team

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